1802, 2017

Berlinale 2017

Red carpet at 99Fire Films Award 2017 with Patrick Mölleken and Tom Sielemann.

702, 2017

Asia Business Conference Düsseldorf

Filming the ambassadors of Russia and China at Hyatt Hotel Düsseldorf.

2110, 2016

Qualified for the Academy Awards 2017

„The Wall / Die Mauer“ is being considered for the Oscars 2017 in the category „live action short“.

2309, 2016

The Wall goes USA

My shortfilm „The Wall / Die Mauer“ runs at Laemmle Theaters in Los Angeles.

2906, 2016

It’s a wrap for „The Wall“!

Team picture „The Wall – Shortfilm“

2206, 2016

New videos for „360°zahn“

New orthodentics department.

2404, 2016

Shooting for MYDAYS

Behind the scenes shot „Dancing Uvula“

1402, 2016

Berlinale 2016

Red Carpet Admiralspalast Berlin.

3001, 2016

99Fire Films 2016 done!

Here is my contribution for the 99Fire Films award 2016! It’s about a girl dealing with a personal loss.

1012, 2015

Doritos‘ Perfect Date

Watch my newest spec commercial for Doritos!

910, 2015

„Synnous“ – How greeks create added value in germany

Here is the Image campaign video for Synnous, a personnel office located in Düsseldorf.
Synnous‘ CEO Martha Giannakoudi and Adi Wojaczek filmed with several companies a video to illustrate how greek immigrants create added value in germany.

2609, 2015

Documentary „The art of healing the earth“ with John D. Liu

Just had the amazing documentarian and environmentalist John D. Liu at my studio, shooting the campaign video for his upcoming documentary series.

2408, 2015

Commercial for Sodastream finished!

The zombies are coming!
Last week Aries Head Films had the opportunity to create a 20 second commercial for the brand ‪‎SodaStream‬! It will be aired on TV in 2016.

You can see it here.

3007, 2015

Youtube parody „Captain Kirk reacts to Miley Cyrus“ hits 5.000.000 views!

My parody finallly breached the 5.000.000 views barrier!

You can watch it here.

2207, 2015

„Olaplex Workshop“ video finished

First job finished with my new ‪DJI‬ ‪RoninM‬ for ‪‎Olaplex‬ ‪‎Germany‬ and Extraordinarii Agency!

Watch it here.

1405, 2015

Winning the „Life Ball 2015“ Video Contest!

The Life Ball is the worlds biggest AIDS Charity Event, which helps people in an unconventional way and stops placing HIV/AIDS under a taboo. It celebrates life to gain worldwide attention and makes a signal to join the fight against HIV and AIDS.

This year Life Ball and T-Mobile created a worldwide video contest: The task was to create a 20 second video emphazising the words „I want…“.
My campaign video won and I was invited to the event in vienna!

You can read an online article about Adi Wojaczek’s project here.

Go to the video here.

1904, 2015

The home studio is ready for action

It took some time, but my studio is finally finished and will be used for photoshoots and filming.

1204, 2015

Dance of thrones Düsseldorf

Dance of thrones hits Youtube with 20.000 views in two days.
Shot in Düsseldorf by the beautiful „Kö-Bogen“.

Watch it here.

1602, 2015

„Malou“ wins the 99Fire Films award 2015!

This year the 99Fire Films Award goes to Adi Wojaczeks short film „Malou“.
It’s about a young girl following her passion, despite all circumstances. Watch it here.

Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote about the award night.
You can read the german article here.

1602, 2015

The nominees of the 99Fire Films Award 2015

The nominees of the 99Fire Films Award 2015 in front of the Admiralspalast in ‪Berlin‬.

901, 2015

Reinast – The art of manufacturing

That’s how ‪Reinast‬’s most expensive toothbrush in the world is made!
Last week Aries Head Films captured it’s magic on film with Mark David’s Flicksxstills.

Watch it here.