The young segregated danseuse Malou is irresistibly fighting for her dream of a career on the big stage. After years of struggle and rejection, she suddenly receives her once in a lifetime chance – leading up to an unexpected reveal…


Official Selections 2018

10th Awareness Film Festival Los Angeles, CA USA
22nd Manhattan Short Film Festival New York City, NY USA ⇨ Finalist
15th HollyShorts Film Festival Los Angeles, CA USA
23rd LA Shorts International Film Festival Los Angeles, CA USA

Directors Statement

Follow your dreams, no matter what – even if you’re a one-legged dancer. To inspire others is our ultimate goal and reflected in every work we’ve done so far. When you see people with disabilities, the first thing that comes to mind is: „How do they cope in life?“. Malou shows that you can achieve a lot with inner strength and willpower.

With the aid of our short film’s story, our prominent cast and dramaturgic tools we intent to sensitize our audience, to take a stand for disabled people and embolden them to have the courage to pursue their dreams. We want to turn the public spotlight on the still unequal opportunities of our handicapped fellows in order to start a constructive discussion about inclusion and hopefully to contribute to a better situation.



Written, Directed and Edited by
Adi Wojaczek

Produced by
Patrick Mölleken

Director of Photography
Stephan Fröhlich

Music composed by
Adam Lukas



Adi Wojaczek (Director):

Patrick Mölleken (Producer):
Omertà Pictures
Hansaallee 321
40549 Düsseldorf