Aries Head

Adi (Adalbert) Wojaczek was born in (Rybnik) Poland and raised in Solingen (Germany). He studied film direction at Ruhrakademie Schwerte for four years. During his education he formed with some colleagues his first video production company Plektrum Studios in Düsseldorf. After two years he began to freelance as a director, producer, cinematographer and editor under the name Aries Head Films. His work contains short films, commericals, music videos, corporate films and viral videos.

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  • Berlin: Winner 99Fire Films „Malou“ Best Film 2015
  • Düsseldorf: Winner Sodastream Contest „Zombies“ Best Commercial 2015
  • Vienna: Winner Lifeball „I want…“ Best Video 2015
  • Freiburg: Winner Stoneline „Naschen verboten“ Best Video 2012
  • Frankfurt: Winner Colors of Love „Bienchen und Blümchen“ Best Film 2011
  • Wiesbaden: 2nd Place Creative Competition „Duales Studium Hessen“ 2010